We Know. 

On a certain level we all KNOW. We are destroying the planet. Yes  - me, you, us.  We, the people are destroying the planet, by supporting this unchecked out of control capitalist system. Capitalism CAN WORK, but not like this. 

It’s similar to a person who KNOWS that a bottle of wine

a night, or a packet of smokes every day, is bad for them and will ultimately kill them. But, they rationalise –     “I’ve done it for so long, it’s too late to change now, isn’t it?  I might as well keep on drinking!”. We all have habits that need to be challenged - individually and collectively, because, somewhere inside us, there's WISDOM - a KNOWING that just refuses to go away, a KNOWING that wants to be birthed into this world, through you and me. 


  • Greed (for money, things, fame, power, )  is what's driving the world.
  • Unchecked Greed will never stop, and hence it will eventually destroy the planet.
  • The Capitalist System doesn’t care – it only thrives WHEN we’re Greedy.
  • It wants us to want More, or “Better” or “Newer”.
  • It has absolutely no interest in us taking responsibility for our own happiness, because then we would stop medicating ourselves so much.
  • It has absolutely no interest in us taking responsibility for our own physical health, because then we would stop drinking and eating food and drink that our bodies don’t need.
  • It has absolutely no interest is us being satisfied with  what we have, because then we would cut right down on our consuming.
  • It deliberately fuels our insatiable appetites, by targeting our own lack of self-worth.

( Get this, take this, buy this, achieve this – and THEN you’ll be happy!)


We know that LOVE is our deepest need – NOT the flashy car, the drug of fame - or shopping therapy!  We KNOW that we listen too much to the stories in our heads, rather than the wisdom in our hearts and bodies. We’re afraid that if we talk too much about love, we may be seen as irrational and unreliable.

We’re far more comfortable talking about careers, politics, football, because they don’t require us to open our hearts and be vulnerable. We can talk about God and Religion too, but all we’re doing is talking. We’re not living the underlying Truth of all religions - whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu … - which is that we must, first of all, LOVE. And we cannot LOVE unless we can LOVE OURSELVES, and gradually embody the qualities that will lead us to LOVE.

Qualities like  TRUTH, VULNERABILITY, INNER PEACE, HUMILITY, COMPASSION, SIMPLICITY and HONESTY.  These qualities are sustainable – and they sustain our spirits too.

Unfortunately we have “normalised” the opposite qualities, which are unsustainable.

Ask yourself, what do I see when I look at the interactions between people in my family, in my work., in my social circles ?  Do I see ….  











 Listen, I’m not saying that it’s easy to embody these qualities all the time – but I am saying that this is our journey, individually and societally. I am saying that it’s POSSIBLE.


We know that we humans run best on TRUTH – even though it can be difficult.

We know that we humans run best on INNER PEACE – even though we’ve become addicted to stress and anxiety.

We know that we humans run best on SIMPLICITY – even though we’ve made busyness and  “lots of stuff” something to be aspired to !

We know – that our deepest longing is to love and be loved.

Make that your goal – every day - to love and be loved.

Cultivate the qualities that will lead you there.

The rest will fall into place.