Wanting Something Different

I have discovered, in my own life, that when I pull back from wanting anything more than I have, I begin to experience Being. This unconscious wanting, for something different to what’s presenting in the moment, is the greatest obstacle to happiness. It is the root of all suffering. It is also

the root of all worry, stress, control and greed .

It happens when we identify so much with “having” that we lose touch with our “being” nature – our sacredness and also the sacredness of all life around us. This is the foundation of any true spirituality.

When we detach from needing anything to be different in any way, we experience ourselves (and others) in a way that’s somehow deeper. This does not negate desire in any way, but it is desire without attachment. This subtle difference is the key to understanding that, almost magically, experiences will move towards us and through us in an organic way, rather than us, with our agenda, forcing or pushing or controlling in some way.

We need to honour this longing for being, for ease and depth in our lives. There is a deep yearning in our modern world, a yearning to touch the ancient and also allow the emerging of the new, without identifying with either. We were born with this longing, to know the soil of our being, to know ourselves as temporary vessels for the unique life that wants to be expressed through us.

Yes, it is a challenge to allow ourselves to switch off from all the stimulus available to us – and to connect in with the life inside us, the darkness and the light, and the dance between the polarities. When we do, we will be surprised at what it offers us – an intensity, a wildness and a stillness that can co-exist and relate to each other in a beautiful symphony. We are all of that and more.

May you connect, here and now, to the true nature of your being-ness. Take a breath. Pause. Notice any tendency to resist what is presenting right here right now. That may be your circumstances, the traffic, your thoughts about your body, an emotion, a sense of struggle, the war inside, the war outside. It can be anything.

Simply meet it with your deeper being, present in each breath, with a sense of acceptance of what is. As someone wise once said, ( Einstein or Groucho Marx usually – if we’re naive enough to believe everything shared on Social Media) ” Fighting with reality is the definition of Insanity!”


be gentle, be well, be flexible, be strong