There's Not Enough ...

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true - many of us process information in a consistently negative or biased way and this time of year is a perfect trigger for all those thoughts of lack to come to the surface. Why?

Well, the science of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has discovered that “neurons that fire together wire together.” This means

that, based on our experiences of life up until now, we have hardwired all kinds of beliefs into our emotional and physical worlds - without even being aware of most of them!! Beliefs like “I never have enough ….time, love, money, success.”

OK, so we now know that whatever you tell yourself over and over again becomes a belief. That’s a relief really, because it means that all a belief is simply a thought that you’ve been thinking for a long time, over and over, until it wears a groove in your psyche.

So if you’re feeling a little despondent about finances (or anything at all), see if you can catch the belief that’s causing your emotional reaction. Once you spot the thought form, the fun begins! Why? Because if “you” are noticing the thought, then it’s nothing to do with “you” - unless you allow it. Once you have some space between “you” and any thought pattern or belief, you can start to see it as entertainment!

But watch out ! Make sure that you don’t put yourself down for having that negative thought, because that only adds to even more negativity. Instead you ( the real YOU) can sit back and notice what’s really going on. Notice all the commentaries, scripts and subplots that are running in your mind – like watching the movies. Have a good laugh! After a while you may get bored watching the same movies, with the same stories, playing in an endless loop, over and over again. Why would you watch the same movie and listen to the same commentary over and over again? .It’s depressing.

OK, so change the channel. Now you’ve moved from a closed negative state to a more open spacious state. Here you can explore possibility, simply by using the phrase “The Possibility Exists …” and then fill in the blanks (shameless plug for my book!). When your mind is not stuck in a loop, or waiting for a manifestation, you free it up. You have an opportunity, a free space, like a blank page.

This space between you and a thought, between the negative stimulus and your emotional response, is also the space between the past and the future. The stimulus (thought) happened in the past (perhaps a half-second ago!) and the response (emotional reaction) will happen ….NOW. OK, so that took half a second, maybe. In between those two is the present, that space where possibility exists, potential can be tapped and manifestation can begin. I always see it as a blank page - where you get to write your new script.

I learned to train myself to remember that, in every situation, all possibilities exist. If I can do it, so can you! YES, YOU CAN ! .

Repeat these three words over and over again until they are burned into your subconscious….. THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS… Take out some pens, crayons, markers - and spend half an hour drawing it out in different colors. (Note for all millennials : You cannot do this online !) Write these three words down somewhere you’ll see them every day. I have it on the kitchen cupboard. THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS. These three words will liberate you from reactivity, open you into possibility and fire up new creativity. All you have to do is to get your mind used to those three words.

THE POSSIBILITY EXISTS is a very powerful statement because it’s always true. If the possibility doesn’t exist in your mind then it cannot happen. Remember that. Use those three words any time you find yourself believing there’s not enough, reacting to what’s happening or closing down in any way.


Good luck, and happy manifesting !