Self Sabotage

"The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts"

-Marianne Williamson

The whole process of MANIFESTATION depends on our thoughts ‘hitting the ground’ and becoming real in the physical world. THOUGHT is just another form of energy that originates in our crown chakra, at the top of the skull.

It will always seek ground in the lower chakras, in the same way that electricity or lightning seeks ground in the earth. This grounding of our dreams, of course, doesn’t happen all the time.  Many of our thoughts and dreams seem to get stuck somewhere between our minds and our physical reality. Many of us have thoughts like, “I wish…” But the wishes never become real.

This is because, somewhere along the way, we unknowingly SABOTAGE our dreams and our happiness - when we activate the opposite pole to creation – destruction. Everything has to have an opposite, so it’s important to recognize that along with our ability to create, we also have the ability to destroy. Otherwise, when we connect with the deep longing to love and be loved, or to be happy, it would just happen easily and effortlessly. But it doesn’t!!

Recognize that there are two forces at work. Accept that, be patient with it all, and your future will gradually reflect your present, because how you are today ( how you think feel and act in each moment) - determines how your future will be.

A similar dynamic is at work when we talk about abundance. Your mind gets involved and you mess up the manifestation because you’re TRYING to manifest. Remember that there’s no ‘efforting’ involved. If you find that you are ‘trying,’ then your mind is involved. Perhaps that’s one of your patterns, always trying, always seeking. Drop the trying. Drop the seeking. It’s the very energy of grasping for more that keeps us from the simple secrets of manifestation.

Imagine your dreams as an airplane. Your dreams are "up there somewhere."

The airplane started a journey up there in the sky, and now it’s on its way. YOU are an airport, on the ground, a place that receives planes (dreams). Your plane is getting closer now. It’s on the radar. Notice how you feel when you sense into how close it is. Can you believe it? Really?

Have you made space for it, so that it can actually land, or is the runway cluttered up with beliefs that will stop it landing? Do you doubt? Do you believe: “I don’t really deserve this,” or “That only happens for others, but not for me”? Are you one of those who do want it to land, but don’t really believe it will? Doubt, fear and negativity will keep it up in the air, and you find yourself always waiting for the manifestation of your dream.

But here’s the trick – do the work you needf to, to clear your inner space. Do that workshop, the one that scares your ego - thats the right one for you! Work with that person you just know sees right through you,a nd therefore scares you. Yes, it is scary - but only to your ego, or to the idea of who you THINK you are. I remember a, many year ago, the first time I sat with my teacher and made full eye contact for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably a minute or two! i was quaking inside, struggling to somehoe get away from that lovong all knowing gaze - but it was totally worth it! So, whether the plane lands or not isn’t the issue. The issue is whether you’ve cleared the runway. If you have to have ‘IT’ now, the runway is not clear. Control and Grasping are still blocking the way. Can you do the work you need to? Can you face your fearsd? Can you challenge your ego?

You, my friend, are the same as me – infinite potential. When you finally clear out the rubbish (that we all carry inside) - when you finally stop fooling everyone else, and even yoruself at times, when you finally move into that deeper eternal you - the whole universe will conspire to co-create with you. It can’t not do that, because it’s the way the Universe is designed. There’s already a plan for you, to evolve. All you need to do is cooperate with that. Trust it. Your plane is up there, waiting patiently, and all you have to do is clear the runway so that it can land. Follow your dreams. Remember that they are yours, unique to you. They are there for a reason. They exist on the mental plane already. Your job is to get them to land.