Life is not ordinary.
Our minds, however, can think anything ABOUT life - that it’s too much to bear, that it’s hard, unjust, unfair, ordinary.
But that is not life. That, my friends, is our mind commenting on life situations. But it is not life, or anywhere close to describing life.
So how shall we describe LIFE?
A Bubbling Up?
An Eternity of Possibility?
A Sea of Energy?
An Infinite Silence?
You see how impossible it is, because LIFE (God, Source, The Divine ) is so far beyond ordinary that our puny little minds cannot grasp it, BECAUSE our minds exist WITHIN, just as the drop of water is contained IN THE SEA.
And when I say life, I don't mean the opposite of death. I mean life itself, the eternal ever-changing ever-present kaleidoscope of galaxies and planets and impossible distances and Suns and moons and supernovas that explode and die and are reborn as LIFE (God, Source, the Divine) dances through it all, happening through you and me, and the billions of galaxies and rushing gurgling rivers, and majesties of swooping eagles and LIFE (God, Source, the Divine) bursting through the daffodils in swellings of love, trilling and warbling in the symphony of early morning birdsong in the gentle mist and the warm breeze, inviting the billions of neurons in our brains to light up and synchronise with LIFE (God, Source, the Divine ) - this Eternal Life, this dynamic pulse inside and outside, inviting all of us to FEEL WITH LIFE and to DANCE WITH LIFE and TO BE LIFE and to drop the Struggle and to recognise how we are trapped by and in our minds, and to ALLOW LIFE to breathe through us in every moment, every precious nanosecond, the eternity of NOW that ALWAYS IS.
Just so.
No. Life is not ordinary. It cannot be.
It is what it is, just as you are what you are, and always have been.
LIFE (GOD, Source, The Divine), the mystery that is us, that was us before we were known, that is everything, that beckons us to enter, enter, fall, surrender, and be held in a place so deep and vast and powerful and soft and open and spacious and gentle and all consuming and light light more light and love love more love that you can ever handle - and just be.
In it.
Of it.
It, which is.