Reclaim your Inner Authority

Reclaim your Inner Authority

Inner Authority comes when we individuate, rather than simply being run by the programming of our tribe, or culture or religion, or even society. To live from this place of Inner Authority, not looking outside for direction or answers, we need to open up to our precious inner guidance.
When you’re open and receptive like this, you often get what I call an intuitive hit, where you simply know what needs to happen, and what needs to be done. I've met lots of people who have this ability - in fact, I believe that we all have it. We simply know what needs to be done. 

But then, what happens? Do we follow through?

Not necessarily. Quite often, we sabotage this deeper wisdom - for all kinds of so-called "logical reasons." It's very easy to talk yourself out of taking action, and it's often a sign that you haven't learned to trust your own guidance - yet. Or maybe you do trust it, but your fear is more powerful.

So you've got to learn how to activate the masculine aspect in yourself - taking action - based on that deeper knowing. The simplest way to taking action is - taking action! JUST DO IT! 

“What do I need to do? Where will I go? What will I say?” These are the type of questions that guide us deeper. Listen carefully to the answers and take the required action, even when you don't know how it will all work out. You'll feel some resistance, some fear. But that's ok. It's normal. As my old teacher Susan Jeffers famously wrote - "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!"

As you work with this deeper knowing and you take action, you begin to develop your “trust muscle” - and a mysterious intelligence begins to reveal itself to you. Your mind goes quiet, your feminine intuition awakens even more, and your powerful masculine takes direct action, busting through any remaining fear. When that becomes your "new norm", your sense of being separate dissolves, and you feel purposeful and connected to your Inner Authority.

Remember, though, that the world that we live in doesn't want you to be free to make your own decisions. It doesn’t want empowered people who refuse to be victims. It actually needs you to be a slave to the consumer culture, and a slave to routine, and a slave to fear. Why? Because if you don't allow the fear to run you, you're a little bit dangerous! How can you be controlled?

Here in 2020, it's increasingly obvious to me that we live in a world where fear is in charge. It continues to spawn greed, anxiety, defensiveness, separation and disconnection. This fear based paradigm needs to crack and crumble first, before it can rebuilt.

So what do we do?

We take action, one person at a time. We investigate where fear is in charge of us. We look at where the old paradigms live on in us, and we take action to challenge them, and then we allow them to crack and crumble in us. Then there's space for the new to emerge. Then there's space for this Inner Wisdom to flourish. That’s one way we can help a more loving new world to emerge - one person at a time - by reclaiming our Inner Authority.

The old in us, me and you, needs to crack and crumble and be rebuilt - because we, all of us - we make society what it is - not the other way around.