I Can't Switch Off !

You have a lot on your plate. There’s always stuff to be done, bills to be paid, outings to plan, phone calls to make, a thousand emails to respond to. It’s a busy world. We get stressed. Our minds go into overdrive – and at some point, we may say to ourselves “I just need to chill a bit more. I need to know how to de-stress. I have to learn how to quieten my mind.”  But of course it’s not that simple, and thoughts like that can even cause more stress, until, sometimes, you think you’re going crazy!

So, if it’s all too much for you, do this. This is the most powerful way to break your identification with your mind...... 

  • Imagine that you’re sitting at the very back of your mind, as if your thoughts are close to the front of your forehead – and you’re sitting right back, watching them unfold, just like you watch the screen in a movie theatre. 
  • Notice all your thoughts on that screen, the crazy ones, the ones that judge, those that compare, those that are aggressive, the “poor me” thoughts – all of them!. Watch the movie for a while. Notice that (a) thoughts arrive on the screen of your mind and (b) they move away. Be very clear on this – your thoughts come and go. 
  • Realise that you are the one who is watching. You’re sitting back. You can see what’s happening. As you become aware of this, you may experience a strange kind of stillness, a peace, a calmness. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer, the watcher. 
  • Continue to sit back in your head. Keep on doing this, as often as you can, until it becomes your “norm”. You will notice that you don’t get dragged into drama, or reactivity, as much as you used to. You have begun to break the identification with thought.
  • Gradually, over time, your energy is not invested in these thoughts – and they start to weaken. You have created a gap, an opening inside, a space between “you” and “thought”. 
    Congratulations! Keep going back to that gap, and stay there for longer and longer, until, one day, you simply see your thoughts as offerings available to you like clouds in the sky. You choose... "Will I think this thought, or not?"

THIS is the purpose of meditation, to free yourself from the incessant chatter of the mind - and, in the process, discover a deeper sense of yourself -  that vast reservoir of space, stillness and peace.