Give Igor a holiday !

I like to run, but lately, inner saboteur ((I call him Igor)   has been grumbling about that. He wants me to take it easy, put my feet up and enjoy a delicious patisserie and a beer. Yes, he's very convincing!  One of my antidotes to Igor is this

- do the thing you've been putting off BEFORE you do anything else for the day. We all have those things that just get moved to the end of the list, haven't we?

So this morning I dressed straight into my running gear and got out before breakfast. Now, 2 hours later, I've got the heart rate up during my run, and got to stretch my body in yoga and calm my mind in meditation. I may even be feeling smug 

I notice that Igor is very quiet now, and that's what happens when you take action. If I don't, Igor teams up with my inner procrastinator. Result? Nothing happens - and the Inner Critic wakes up and then you feel bad about yourself all day. 

So today, why not take that action/do that thing you keep putting off. Burning through the resistance feels very powerful - and you give Igor a holiday!

#giveIgoraholiday #HQ