Healthy Skepticism

"Due to an unnatural sonic control program in Earth’s grids, only 4 Vector Codes have been active in biological earth since 25,500 BC, making the chemical DNA of Earth life appear to be a “Base 4 Genetic Alphabet” 

 I kid you not! And there's lots more where that came from ! Yes, there are all kinds of belief systems you can get into (with appropriately spacey names !)  .....Pleideans, Excalibur Reiki, Atlantis Crystals, Unicorn Reiki, Dolphin Trilogy Healing,

Eight and Ninth rays, you name it! The scary part is that people believe in these things MORE than they believe in THEMSELVES. There is so much woo-woo out there that people are attracted to. It's like they've switched off their "bullshit radar." and they confuse this type of thing with "spirituality."  

I've seen many many people get lost in these worlds, ending up with their feet completely off the ground, their lives and relationships in chaos, always seeking seeking seeking.... something intangible, something outside of themselves. They end up more interested in the concepts, or the experiences themselves, or these "other worlds" - than OUR WORLD, THIS WORLD, THIS EARTH. They seem to have forgotten that THIS, HERE, NOW, is where we live. 

This new form of escapism often leads to

  • Inability to set appropriate boundaries.
  • Denial of our so-called “negative” emotions.
  • Inability to look after our physical needs.
  • Spiritual bypassing of any issue that we find difficult.
  • Chaos in our normal everyday life.

This is because many of us end up using our "spirituality" as yet another way to get away from the difficult stuff we don’t want to deal with.

We don’t want to really look at how we treat our bodies. We don’t want to deal with our ability to tell little lies just to avoid confrontation – even though we know that the Truth is what sets us free. We don't want to stop blaming, procrastinating, avoiding, pretending, eating badly, drinking too much .... whatever you're having! 

I see too that this type of seeking is actually driven by the ego, which wants to remain hidden and unexposed. Your ego doesn't want you to take full responsibility for your LIFE, for Living. Relationships. Earning money. Dealing with your own stuff. unearthing your blind spots.

The challenge today, for all of us, is to make sure we don't get lost in thought, in psychology, in concepts, in philosophy, in woo-woo. The deeper challenge is to allow the essence of those things - love light and wisdom - to penetrate and to integrate into your life so that it becomes a lived experience. 

Yes, there's a time to seek, but there's also a time to stop, a time to reflect, a time to integrate. As a man who owns and run a business and teaches Holistic Intelligence ( HQ) , my feet need to be on the ground.  Being of the light is not all about bliss. In fact it can be quite the opposite at times, because, if you truly surrender to the light, all your darkness will be revealed to you. All your edges. All of your shadow. And, if you're willing, you'll see all the times that you project your shadow onto others. You'll see all the times that you don't speak up. You'll see all your behaviour patterns that are fear-based. You'll become aware of it all.

REAL SPIRITUALITY means being completely honest with yourself. I know, scary! But, if you are following a truly spiritual path, it's the only way. Are you eating well? If not, why not? Be curious about that. Do you eat junk? Why? Do you look after the wonderful temple called your body? If not, be curious why not? Do you allow yourself to feel all your emotions, or do you deflect, deny, avoid? Again, be curious why this is so. Are you always honest and authentic, or do you pretend? Why? Do you allow yourself to feel pleasure, or has your mind taken a stance on that too? Again, be curious why. Can you be open honest and vulnerable when necessary, or is that too much of a stretch? 

What we need to do is to invite the Light ALL THE WAY IN -  into our words, into our behaviours, into our psychological defence mechanisms, into our comparison structures, and deeper still - into our very blood and bones. We need to open deep enough and wide enough and long enough to allow all of our humanity, including all of our darkness, to be illuminated. Only in this way can the very ground of our human being be transformed and integrated, so that our normal human existence is completely changed. We don’t look any different ( well, maybe a little lighter, younger and freer!) but we have DEPTH and SPACE inside us that we didn’t have before.

The DEPTH means that we react less and less to the external circumstances of life. We are not triggered so much. We don’t grasp so much, for anything. We have very few buttons that can be pushed. We cry when we need to. We feel our anger and frustration when they arise. We’re ok with grief, guilt, shame – if and when they arise, but we don’t get lost in any of it. We don’t feed our emotions with any stories in our head.

The SPACE inside feels like we have a whole universe inside us. This SPACE INSIDE allows for spontaneity and creativity to arise naturally. It gives birth to all kinds of creativity, and allows you to recreate your “outside” in a naturally progressive way. Your external world becomes a mirror of how your internal world is. That is the way of the Universe, simplified by the phrase “The Law of Attraction.” This DEPTH and SPACE develops gradually for anyone who is a sincere seeker. It is always available to you. It is patiently waiting and watching as your old self (your ego) disintegrates. Yes, it may feel like death sometimes - but again the Universal Laws come into play here.

The old has to die before the new can arrive. For something to emerge at a higher level, the old (low vibration) level must fall apart. It has to. This is the Law of Chaos and Re-organisation, and its nothing to be afraid of. It happens every day, in the forests, in the rivers, in the soil under your feet. In nature, chaos has to happen before a new growth cycle, and we humans are no different. Any system that is dynamic and vital has to embrace chaos when needed. 

If that all sounds difficult, well, it is sometimes, but it's so worth it!  You'll learn to love all of this, this crazy journey ..into yourself, your real self. What's actually happening is that you're seeing your own ego and your own shadow. And the "you" that's seeing it the emerging you, the authentic you, the honest you, the loving you. You begin to trust this deeper awareness within - and gradually your life changes,  and continues changing - until one day you look back and say "How did I get here?"

That's how it feels to me today. How did I get here? And the true answer is that the old "I" didn't have much to do ...except to surrender, listen AND take action when necessary.

In summary, I have learned a few simple things that point me away from woo-woo and back to a more human embodied spirituality - 

1. I need to constantly check in with myself... are both my feet on the ground? 

2. Am I being honest here, with myself ( and others, if others are involved)

3. Is my doing (or not doing) because of some kind of fear or need to somehow escape?

4. Am I willing to dive into the fear despite wanting to stay in my comfort zone? 

5. Is what I'm doing (or not doing) based on love and appreciation of myself AND any other that may be involved?


As the wonderful Osho said :

You should be in the marketplace and yet have the silence of the Himalayas in your heart."



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