There is now a virus – Covid-19 Coronavirus – which robs you of your capacity to breathe, and causes your temperature to spike uncontrollably – and you feel very ill, and possibly you die. There’s also another virus doing the rounds, but you’ve ignored it. And both are linked.

I am Earth. You may not have linked me to this coronavirus, but well, you haven’t been listening for a long time now. Some of you have, but the rest – you’re all mindlessly caught up in the greed that defines this consumerist, more-more culture – without any regard for what that means for me, Earth.

So here goes. Yes, I am Earth, Mother Earth to some. I am also the ground beneath your feet. I am also the air that you breathe. I am also the one who feeds you – not some supermarket shelf, or home delivery, or takeaway. It all comes from me.  Everything.

So here’s the thing. I need help too.

I have been infected by a virus - called rampant capitalism – which has robbed me of my capacity to breathe normally too. This virus threatens to destroy my lungs. My lungs are just like yours, although on a vaster scale. My trillions of trees are my lungs – and they have been severely depleted.  So my systems are out of balance, much like yours if you catch this virus. Because of that, I have entered the second stage of the virus too, where my temperature spikes. Normally, my rainforests take care of that. They’re like giant air-conditioners that cool the planet. But you knew that – and yet you continued to ignore all the warning signs.  So now, as the capacity of that air-conditioning reduces, what happens? My temperature soars, and, as you well know, it too has begun to spike uncontrollably – just like any of you who are suffering from Covid-19.

Unfortunately lots of know what it feels like to be invaded by a tiny organism that seems to be intent on destroying you.

Yes, I am Mother Earth, the one who feeds you, nurtures you, and provides the perfect circumstances for you to thrive and live here.  If you look around you – right now – what do you see? Is there anything that is not provided by me? Your metals, your woods, your raw materials for your smartphones, your roads, your clothes, your airplanes, your guns. Everything came from me. But you’ve forgotten that, haven’t you, because here’s what you’ve been doing recently. You’ve dishonoured me, you’ve  raped me, over and over again.  You’re still  taking, taking, taking – unsustainably. It’s that core attitude, that insatiable greed, that defines where we are today – a day where the whole world is waking up to a new reality – that things will never be the same again. And that’s a good thing.

My rise in temperature, along with your non-stop pillaging of natural resources and invasion of eco-systems designed to all work in harmony, means that lots of life-forms are dying. Animals have already become extinct. Other life-forms have to adapt and mutate, just to survive – and all because of this ever warming and more hostile world. So today, while you’re all self-isolating and social distancing, I’d like you to reflect on what your systems are doing to me, Earth – and therefore to yourselves too. Could these new viruses be somehow linked to humanity’s disruption of the natural balance that exists in nature? Ask yourself that. Ask yourself over and over until you KNOW the answer.

What’s happened these past weeks and months is astounding. All of a sudden, an incredibly simple organism has wiped trillions off the stock market. But of course, there never was any “trillions” – so nothing has actually happened, except that our perceptions have been challenged. You now believe differently. You understand how a tiny virus can close countries and bring down your economic systems. It’s a bit like the story of the King with no clothes – who will be the first to speak up and tell the truth? Who will be the first to say “Money doesn’t actually exist in the natural world. It’s a system propped up by a delusional way of valuing things. We pay millions to people who can kick or hop or strike a ball, while those that grow the food are among the poorest in the world.” Who will be the first to admit …  ”I have no control over anything. Nature is in control, not us. We’ve been deluded for a long time now.”

Today it has suddenly hit home. People are panic buying, because they know that, without food, humanity dies. What use are those numbers in your bank account – if they’re all based on business as usual ? If this crisis lasts a year, what happens to business as usual? Ask yourself that. Ask yourself over and over until you KNOW the answer. Ask yourself if we need to design systems that are based on something other than money. How could we value what’s actually important? And how could be implement systems that reflect that? Ask yourself those questions. Ask yourself over and over until you KNOW. And then go deeper, and ask yourself “What is missing in our systems and ways of thinking?” Ask yourself what “that” might be? And then go deeper still, and find your heart. Is that what’s missing?

Ok, so back to the problem – and here’s where I hope that we can come to a common understanding. These viruses - Covid-19 and the Growth/Consumerist/Capitalist agenda - need to be stopped. If not, I will simply continue to adapt -  to become a planet where human life is not supported. But you, humans, will not be able to survive there. And it will all have been your own fault. If I don’t get back to a balanced and healthy eco-system within the correct parameters, your species will not be able to survive. So, help me. And I’ll help you. I’ll feed you. I’ll provide oxygen. I’ll fill the rivers with fresh water for you – as I have always done.

So, please, wake up, if not for yourself, for your children. Now. Rise up if you need to. This greed, this rampant capitalism – it needs to die, not me. I’ll be here whether you survive or not. But I hope you do survive, because, well, we can get along together quite easily – if only you’ll make the necessary changes. Together we can create a hell - or we can create a paradise. Only out of the death of the old can come the new. It’s always been up to you.


P.S. This came to me this morning, in meditation. These - to me, somewhat strange thoughts - which just wouldn’t go away. They demanded to be written down, so here they are. I sincerely hope they are of some help in waking us all up.