Acceptance & Covid-19

These are very difficult times. Scary. Challenging. Covid-19, Coronavirus, pandemic  - the very words are fear-producing.  We have absolutely no control over what's happening at the moment, and our minds can easily produce fear, anxiety and panic. So here’s an antidote which I hope may help some of you. 

I was quite ill in March - with reduced breathing, coughing and fatigue. I had no temperature though, which is one of the reasons I wasn't tested when I went to see the doc. (The other was that they had no test kits there anyhow !) While I am pretty sure that I had Covid-19, I can't be certain. But what I do know is that my immune system was compromised, my breathing wasn't great, and so, my mind wanted to spiral into fear and anxiety. 

What helped me most may sound a little strange to you - I found that the best thing for me to do was to "ACCEPT WHAT IS". This allowed me to at least have some control - of what was happening inside me. I could not control the virus that was raging inside me - and is still sweeping the world. Neither can I control the fear that’s sweeping the world. But I can control my response, so I've ramped up my daily practices ( yoga and meditation ), to support the two most important things in my life right now - my inner world, and this amazing living breathing body that I have.

There are many many ways to support your inner world. One of these is learning full and complete acceptance of "WHAT IS." In other words, reality is happening all the time, and our job is to accept it. Acceptance doesn’t mean that we like what’s happening right now. Obviously we don’t like it at all ! However, if we can move into seeing that acceptance is the only sane response to what’s happening, our nervous system becomes more relaxed, our para-sympathetic system is activated and our immune system strengthens.  

This fear-based response to danger is a primal thing, and it’s wonderful that we have it. But it also produces lots of nasty chemicals designed to keep us tense, stressed, anxious, and on edge – all the time. FEAR WEAKENS OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, so what we’ve got to learn is how to deactivate our own fear response, and become more resilient by helping our wonderful immune systems. So - help yourself. 

Rather than being fearful,about whats happening, get yourself into a place where you accept what’s happening, and - crucially - don't feed the fear by obsessing about it all. Find ways to switch off from it. Get off the news, get off social media. Take out a book. Read. Teach yourself how to play an instrument. Learn creative writing. Stretch. Meditate. Do Yoga Online. Use Insight Timer. Listen to some great uplifting talks on Watch your favourite Netflix series – again ! I’ve just started watching Breaking Bad – I hope it’s as good as the first time!

And sure, keep yourself up to date with what’s needed from you as a socially responsible adult. But - DO NOT FEED THE FEAR. Feed your inner world, and see all of this as an opportunity to recalibrate yourself in a positive way. It's not difficult to "step back" from anything that's draining your energy or causing you to feel fear. Just see it as external to you - and lave it "outside" you. And take the time to breathe deeply and go "inside". As the Buddha said “Peace come from within. It does not come from without (outside).” 

 So, I invite you into acceptance. Again and again. Accept the now. It's all you have. And as you deepen your acceptance, peace arises. Sure you’ll find yourself, like me, triggered into fear time and time again. But, once you’ve accessed this deeper place, this peace, this acceptance, you will return to it again and again.



Eoin Scolard

(aka The Holistic Human)


May you all be well

May you all be at peace

May you all be healed.