The Deep Self

There are dangers inherent in everything, including the healing journey into deeper consciousness. One of the dangers is this continuous “reaching for the Light” - because it often leads to 

  • Inability to set appropriate boundaries. 
  • Denial of our so-called “negative” emotions.
  • Inability to look after our physical needs.
  • Spiritual bypassing of any issue that we find difficult.
  • Chaos in our normal everyday life.

This is because many of us can use spirituality as yet another way to get away from difficult stuff we don’t want to deal with. 

We don’t want to really look at how we treat our bodies. We don’t want to deal with our ability to tell little lies just to avoid confrontation – even though we know that the Truth is what sets us free. We don't want to stop blaming, procrastinating, avoiding, pretending, eating badly, drinking too much .... whatever you're having! 

What we need to do is to invite the Light ALL THE WAY IN -  into our words, into our behaviours, into our psychological defence mechanisms, into our comparison structures, and deeper still - into our very blood and bones. We need to open deep enough and wide enough and long enough to allow all of our humanity, including all of our darkness, to be illuminated. Only in this way can the very ground of our human being be transformed and integrated, so that our normal human existence is completely changed. We don’t look any different ( well, maybe a little lighter, younger and freer!) but we have DEPTH and SPACE inside us that we didn’t have before.

The DEPTH means that we react less and less to the external circumstances of life. We are not triggered so much. We don’t grasp so much, for anything. We have very few buttons that can be pushed. We cry when we need to. We feel our anger and frustration when they arise. We’re ok with grief, guilt, shame – if and when they arise, but we don’t get lost in any of it. We don’t feed our emotions with any stories in our head.

The SPACE inside feels like we have a whole universe inside us. This SPACE INSIDE allows for spontaneity and creativity to arise naturally. It gives birth to all kinds of creativity, and allows you to recreate your “outside” in a naturally progressive way. Your external world becomes a mirror of how your internal world is. That is the way of the Universe, simplified by the phrase “The Law of Attraction.” This “Deep Self” is always available to you. It is patiently waiting and watching as your old self disintegrates. It may feel like death sometimes, but again the Universal Laws come into play here.

One of the Laws of the Universe is that, for something to emerge at a higher level, the old (low vibration) level must fall apart. It's the Law of Chaos and Reorganisation. It happens every day, in the forests, in the rivers, in the soil under your feet. In nature, chaos happens at the start of the growth cycle, where it can help organisms achieve higher levels of complexity. Any system that is dynamic and vital has to embrace chaos when its needed.

The good news is that when you have both DEPTH and SPACE available to you, you don’t fear chaos or change – because you’re not separate anymore. You’re a living breathing part of the whole process we call evolution – and you’re delighted to co-operate with it. Your DEEP SELF is WIDE AWAKE !

More information about the next Deep Self Event is here.