What if it didn't matter what anyone else thought of you - because you were truly FREE? What if you measured "SUCCESS" by how you are on the inside, rather than the outside image that the world sees?
That's where Soul Coaching comes in, because it allows you to transform your inner world, and gradually, your energy shifts and changes as you become more vibrant, more open, more curious - and more intensely aware of the amazing abundance that life has to offer you!
Now, the real magic starts to happen as you watch your external world matching up to your internal state - because it has to. It's a fully integrated experience of The Law of Attraction, one of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.


So, what is SOUL Coaching?

During sessions I work : 

- at the level of thinking -  challenging a perspective, asking  questions, listening, using a cognitive process 

- at an emotional level, gently supporting and inquiring

- at a soul level, working with light, energy and  auras

- at a practical level, honouring whatever I feel is needed for the growth of the client.

That – the growth of the person in front of me – is what’s important to me. How we get there is, to me anyhow, strangely irrelevant!  


So, if you'd like to EXPERIENCE a Soul Coaching Session 

- book now for an  INTRODUCTORY SESSION   (60-75 minutes) via Zoom

for the reduced price of €40.00.

Just click HERE - make your payment - and I will be in touch within 48 hours.  


What do others say?

"Thank You... Thank You and once more Thank You for supporting me on this journey into my heart and soul. It`s been an amazing process and I feel FREE as never ever before! It was a fantastic experience with lifelong benefits for me standing and living in my own truth. The last few pieces of this jigsaw clicked with me during and after our session last Friday."


"I cannot recommend Eoin highly enough. Through my private and work life I come into contact with many diverse people. Eoin is unique, he can be trusted wholeheartedly and in my opinion is deeply connected to both sincere knowledge and goodness."

Laura Thompson

"Thank you so much for yet another transformative session."


"As a result of these 1 - 1 sessions I have gained a new relationship to wisdom – and to myself. I am now more self-aware, have a deeper sense of peace and of the soft emerging energy within. This has allowed me to be less guarded around others – more open, confident and accepting of who I am: an individual who has a unique contribution to make."

Andrew Brown

"I found the session with you very enlightening."


"I have learned so very much."


"I found it liberating and I’ve been feeling much more positive and have a lot more energy."


Book your INTRODUCTORY SESSION (via Zoom)   for the reduced price of €40.00 by clicking HERE and making your payment. I will be in touch within 48 hours. 



N.B. A 20% Discount is available for anyone who is struggling financially.

Ongoing One-Off Sessions are also available to returning clients. They last 75 minutes and cost €75.

For those of you who think that Soul Coaching is the same as Life Coaching, here's what a client has said in her review -

"Having faced a career dilemma supported by life coaching, I felt empowered and had the courage to make some significant, positive changes to my life. Some time later however when all I seemed to be getting was 'bad luck' and my positivity was slipping away, I realised I was somehow getting in my own way and had the need for an even deeper shift.

I didn't know what I needed exactly but was drawn to soul coaching with Eoin. I still find it hard to describe how soul coaching worked, but just know it did! I discovered deep seated limiting beliefs, traumas and resentments that had been holding me back for years. After my coaching sessions with Eoin I ultimately felt the most authentically 'me' that I've felt since childhood.

I trust my gut instincts so much more now and no longer live my life by 'shoulds'. My spontaneity has multiplied and relationships with my loved ones are honest and fulfilling. This would have taken me years, if it would have happened at all, without soul coaching. Thanks Eoin!"

Nicola Belfast