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The Introductory Course

The Introductory Course

An Introductory Course which details the principles of HQ - Holistic Intelligence - what it's all about, and how it will benefit you.
The first 10 Less


Course contents

video A quick guide to the 7 Intelligences
video What is Holistic Intelligence?
textmedia Your HQ Wheel of Life
textmedia Reflection Exercise and Action Steps
video Twin Currents Part 1
video Twin Currents Part 2
video Twin Currents Part 3
video Twin Currents Part 4
video Twin Currents Part 5
video Twin Currents Part 6
textmedia Short Grounding Meditation
textmedia The Power of Daily Intention
textmedia What is Resistance?
textmedia IT IS WHAT IT IS
document Energy Gains and Drains
textmedia Life Review - The River
video Half - Way Check In
textmedia Dealing with your Past - Part 1
video Dealing with your Past - Part 2
textmedia The Past - Self Knowledge Quiz
textmedia Clarity Exercise
video Working the Present