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Holistic Intelligence

The Introductory Course

An Introductory Course which details the principles of HQ - Holistic Intelligence - what it's all about, and how it will benefit you. The first 10 Lessons ( contained within 2 Modules) are COMPLETELY FREE.
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Copy Of HQ Foundations
Starting NOVEMBER 2020 with a select group, the HQ ADVANCED COURSE is for those who want to deepen their experience with the Founder of HQ - Eoin Scolard. The 9 months course is deep dive into includes
  • Full Day Retreats via Zoom with Eoin Scolard and the private group - all on Saturdays - Nov 7, Jan 9, Mar 6, May 8, and we finish on Saturday June 26
  • Small Group meeting 10am-1pm, Saturday Dec 5, Feb 6, April 3, Jun 5
  • Buddy Support System
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • Action Steps Monthly
  • Deep Inquiry
  • Group Exercises
  • Certificate on Completion

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This is a transformative, progressive and educational course hosted by Eoin Scolard on Zoom. USing a closed group setting, and based on the principles of energy psychology, science and healing, the HQ ADVANCED COURSE is a deep dive into healing and transformation. (In this context, healing means becoming whole.)

Mainstream culture is now accepting that our minds hearts and bodies are not separate, and therefore should not be treated separately. Many people have experienced the benefits of Reiki, Yoga and Acupuncture, to mention but a few. There's a huge interest in psychic abilities, auras, and energy fields - and not just from the New Agers. Science is beginning to prove how interconnected all things are, in ways that many of us still find difficult to fully accept.

Yet the fact remains that everything we see, feel, hear, touch - are simply different forms of energy, manifesting everything everywhere. Energy is "underneath" everything, ranging from a tiny electron to our massive sun, from sounds to thoughts to feelings - everything! You are - simply, wonderfully, naturally - an energy being, but you are also lucky enough to have the consciousness to be able to optimise your energy in ways that benefit you.

Our goal for you is to help you to reclaim, maximise and consciously direct the energy at your disposal. When you can do that, you begin to create, or co-create, the life you desire. The course will appeal to people interested in following a progressively deeper trajectory into the practical everyday application of esoteric wisdom and energy awareness - so that your everyday life becomes transformed.

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