Hi, and thanks for visiting.

If you've landed here, I suspect you're one of those people who is "on a journey". Some of you may have just begun, others may be (like me) twenty or more years down the line. But the important point is this - that we're all on this journey together. Check out my Blog called The Journey.

You may already know that I am passionate about what I call Holistic Intelligence, which I define as "reclaiming, maximising and consciously directing all the energy at your disposal to create the life you want". That passion has led me to live my life through the lens of a deep awareness of my own energy, and how it is manifesting in each day. It also led me to move from Ireland to the South of France, in the Dordogne, an area the size of Ireland, but covered 65% in forest. It's magical !

One of the many things I've discovered over the years, is this - when I remain energetically centered, co-operating with my intuition, and listening to my heart, profound things start to happen, almost as if by magic! The sweetest part is that these profound things gradually become your "normal". My "normal" now includes ... Deep Peace. Lots of energy. Zero Drama. Daily Yoga. Daily Meditation and Prayer. Lots of guilt-free pleasure! Tons of fun. Bouts of foolishness! Weekly Tantra Time with my incredible partner, Jenny. Creativity. Growing lots of our own food, and some fruit too. Eating organic food. Enjoying good wine and good whisky. Reading. Playing my guitar(s). Making music with others. Writing. Etc.

My life is absolutely wonderful about 95% of the time, because I've chosen the life I lead. I choose it all, even if, in the past, it was sometimes an unconscious choice. But each day I learn more about myself energetically - where I'm stuck, what my patterns are, the ways that fear still gets into my mind, how to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Sure, I made and still make, "mistakes" along the way - but guess what? That's ok. That's Holistic Intelligence. It all belongs.

One of the things I believe very deeply is this - that the reason for me being on this planet, or my purpose if you like - is to evolve. Emotionally. Mentally. Spiritually. Creatively. Intuitively. It's your purpose too - to evolve beyond what you were, and to continuously create your future from your present. I wrote about all of that in much more detail in my first book, The Possibility Exists. Check it out on Amazon.

Enough about me - How are you? How is your life? Are you evolving? Are you fulfilled, peaceful, contented? Is there something missing? Does fear still hold you back? Do you still procrastinate and ruminate too much? If so, I sincerely hope that I can be of service in some way via this website. Maybe you'll find a blog that inspires you, a video that gives you some clarity, a paragraph in my book that speaks to you. Maybe you'll engage with me via my online course or in person someday.

Whether you do or not, please know this before you go - THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! You can read my blog about it here. I send you deep blessings on your journey. I hope it unfolds beautifully as you follow your inner wisdom, and of course, your heart.

Be Well
Eoin x