This is an invitation to you, to get to know yourself, not as a personality, but as an energy being. Sages have advised us for a long time to “Know thyself”- and for good reason. To take the time to know yourself, how you operate in this world and how you create – energetically – through the framework of the Chakra system, is one of the most liberating things you will ever do for yourself.

At the very worst, you’ll understand yourself on a deeper level.
At the very best, you’ll have “aha” after “aha” moment as you become CONSCIOUS of what’s unconscious in you, and then you’ll begin to make different CHOICES based on this new awareness. Life will then have no choice but to joyfully reflect that back to you, as you consciously create your future from the power of being truly present!

THE HQ PROCESS is designed to
to support you
to challenge you
to nurture you
to awaken you
- and ultimately, to help you become whole again.

Fusing together in a potent mix of positive psychology and Eastern Wisdom, and using the Chakra System as a framework, the HQ Process includes powerful teaching, meditation, somatic and experiential work. You will be required to participate as fully as you can, keep a journal and complete the course work given each month. All of this takes place in a beautiful, peaceful setting within 75 minutes' drive from Dublin and Belfast.
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