• Anger Power and Passion

    There is nothing wrong with any of our emotions - they simply "are". Unfortunately, many of us either feed our emotion (with the stories in our heads, rather than simply feel the emotion itself, in it's purity) or we suppress or "spiritualise" our emotion.
    In this video Eoin Scolard explains in more detail how to approach this issue in a Holistically Intelligent (HQ) way.

  • The First Chakra

    Fear can make you powerless in any area of your life, and so you never really get to where you want to be. Unfortunately, many of us don't challenge our fears, and so we stay stuck in that rut, doing the same thing over and over again.
    In this video Eoin explains a little about how fear can manifest, and gives us a great tip to work through it, in a Holistically Intelligent (HQ) way.