Wanting something Different

March Musings from the Dordogne!

I have discovered, in my own life, that when I pull back from wanting anything more than I have, I begin to experience Being. This unconscious wanting, for something different to what’s presenting in the moment, is the greatest obstacle to happiness. It is the root of all suffering. It is also the root of all worry, stress, control and greed .

It happens when we identify so much with “having” that we lose touch with our “being” nature – our sacredness and also the sacredness of all life around us. This is the foundation of any true spirituality.

When we detach

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Fear and Excitement !

There I was, a year separated, forty something years of age, with zero experience of dating, after 20 plus years with the same woman. I felt fearful about going out into that brave new world - but at the same time, I wanted it. There seemed to be two parts of me battling inside - the fearful part, which wanted me to stay in my comfort zone – and the excited part of me, wanting to get up close and personal to a woman.

As I focused on these two parts of me, I realised that I could energise whichever part I gave my attention to. So I decided to focus on the excitement, and, rather than thinking too much about it ( another of fears little tricks!) I took ACTION.

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Dear Beloved

I know you are in pain, and yet you continue to journey on your own. I have tried to reach you many times but you have resisted all my attempts to make a connection with you. It saddens me to see you like this, but I must respect the contract I made with you before you left for earth.

You knew that there was darkness there. You knew that you might get lost in it and forget me, but you also knew that I would never abandon you or force you to wake up. You and I agreed that you would have the same consciousness as I have, and the same freedom to choose.

And so you have created your own world, separate from me. Who am I?

I am love. I am peace. I am depth. I am presence. I am love streaming through the sunlight. I am the wind dancing through the branches. I am the oak tree and the butterfly in its shade. I am the invitation to surrender into the arms of love, but you have forgotten me. You have turned your face away from me, and I love you. Always.

Hear me, please. Let me reach into your beating heart and heal you of your pain. Let me pour my love into you so that you remember who you are. This love is the oxygen that you crave, because you have always craved love. Admit it. You love to love. You love to be loved. You know that your essence is love, and you long to return to who you are.

Today is another chance for you. Drop the illusion that you and me are separate. Stop looking at everyone else and blaming the world for your unhappiness. It is a LIE! Stop telling the story of your pain. Stop reliving the past, the wounds, the betrayals – otherwise you are feeding yourself poison. You keep the pain alive by the stories that go around in your head. See them for what they are – creations that have nothing to do with love.

Please stay with me awhile and feel my love. Let our love together touch into the pain and the wounds and the hurt. Surrender the stories to where they belong – the past. Let it all go now, and stay with me. I am the one who has not forgotten you. I am the gentle touch of the wind and the rainbow in the sky. Listen to your heartbeat as it pulses with life. Life. Pulsing. Within you. With every breath.

What greater gift could there be? So listen to the heartbeat of life, the pulse of the Universe. Can you hear it, my dear one? Put your hand now on your heart and close your precious eyes. Breathe me into your heart. Open to me. You are safe. You are always loved. Know that. Feel that. Breathe. Breathe deeper. I am with you, always. I have always been, and I will always be.

Let me cry with you. Let me laugh and soar with you too. Take my hand and let us fly together, you and me, as we breathe every moment together. Now we can journey into your future, which we can create with love. That, my dear one, is your calling – to create with love, just as I have.

I am who I am. Say that to yourself. I am who I am. It is my gift to you. You may not understand it, but it is true. Say it to yourself over and over. You know who you are. You are made in my image.


Quotes from Eoin's Book - "The Possibility Exists..." - published by O-Books, and available on Amazon 

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