Wanting something Different

March Musings from the Dordogne!

I have discovered, in my own life, that when I pull back from wanting anything more than I have, I begin to experience Being. This unconscious wanting, for something different to what’s presenting in the moment, is the greatest obstacle to happiness. It is the root of all suffering. It is also the root of all worry, stress, control and greed .

It happens when we identify so much with “having” that we lose touch with our “being” nature – our sacredness and also the sacredness of all life around us. This is the foundation of any true spirituality.

When we detach

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Fear and Excitement !

There I was, a year separated, forty something years of age, with zero experience of dating, after 20 plus years with the same woman. I felt fearful about going out into that brave new world - but at the same time, I wanted it. There seemed to be two parts of me battling inside - the fearful part, which wanted me to stay in my comfort zone – and the excited part of me, wanting to get up close and personal to a woman.

As I focused on these two parts of me, I realised that I could energise whichever part I gave my attention to. So I decided to focus on the excitement, and, rather than thinking too much about it ( another of fears little tricks!) I took ACTION.

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You’ve got to understand yourself as an energy being if you want to manifest your desires.First of all, you’ve got to know what you want, and to be very clear on that. After that comes the challenge of manifesting your desires. It’s easy for most of us to dream about what we want in life. Dreams don’t “cost” you anything, in energy terms. It’s easy to love the idea of The Law of Attraction. It’s easy to “do visualisation” – but so many of our desires never materialise! 

If you’re really serious about

MANIFESTING a dream, it’s got to MOVE - from an idea in your mind - all the way DOWN THROUGH YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM, until it hits the ground AND BECOMES YOUR REALITY. Whether it manifests or not is due to how much RESISTANCE and how many BLOCKAGES it meets on the way down through your energy system. Your job is to spot what’s in the way, and do the INNER WORK that will clear a path inside you.

Your dreams will meet FEAR, DOUBT and those pesky NEGATIVE VOICES. Your vision for your life may meet your SELF-SABOTAGING PATTERNS, your LIMITING BELIEFS or your LACK OF MOTIVATION. Your desires may meet some unconscious level of “POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS” or perhaps the energy of IMPATIENCE or “I DON’T DESERVE…”.

This is where it gets tricky, because most of what’s IN THE WAY is “unconscious.” We’ve all had these kind of thoughts, haven’t we?

• Why don’t things work out the way I thought they would?


• Why do I allow fear to stop me from doing what I really want?


• Why do I attract the same kind of situation over and over again?


This is why educating ourselves about our own energy patterns is so important. You’ve got to know where your energy is blocked, where you waste your energy, and how to transform it. That’s the real journey into manifestation. Once you clear the path through the chakra centres, the desire will manifest. IT HAS TO – THAT’S THE WAY THE UNIVERSE WORKS!

The first step is usually this – to deeply reflect on where you came from, and what the early influences in your life were. Most of these influences are hardwired into our bodies, because, when we were little, we learned everything kinaesthetically. Our minds weren’t fully formed, and we didn’t have the ability to take a stand, physically, emotionally or mentally. We were like little magnets that picked up everything around us – the good and the not so good!

Quotes from Eoin's Book - "The Possibility Exists..." - published by O-Books, and available on Amazon 

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