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Our  resistance to the circumstances of our lives can create more PAIN and DIS-EASE than is actually necessary.  I made this video to demonstrate how much energy we waste by the insanity of resisting reality. Strong words, yes - but I want to shock you!! I want you to see that IT ACTUALLY IS A FORM OF INSANITY - TO RESIST REALITY. Guess who wins? NOT YOU. EVER. NEVER.

All your thinking about reality

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There appear to be two contradictory beliefs in the world about Desire. 

1. New Age Beliefs – e.g. Law of Attraction.

You must really WANT it. Do this for long enough and

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This moment is simply the space available to you - right now.Happiness is available, peace is available, right now, always. BUT - its all up to you.

You will experience this moment based on your thoughts about it, but you need to understand that each moment is a microcosm of your life, and that each moment builds on and includes all the previous moments. When we are

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The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.

-Marianne Williamson

The whole process of MANIFESTATION depends on our thoughts ‘hitting the ground’ and becoming real in the physical world. THOUGHT is just another form of energy that originates in our crown chakra, at the top of the skull. It will always seek ground in the lower chakras, in the same way that electricity or lightning seeks ground in the earth. This grounding of our dreams, of course, doesn’t happen all the time. Many of our thoughts and dreams seem to get stuck somewhere between our minds and our physical reality. Many of us have thoughts like, “I wish…” But the wishes never become real.

This is because, somewhere along the way, we unknowingly SABOTAGE our dreams and our happiness - when we activate the opposite pole to creation – destruction. Everything has to have an opposite, so it’s important to recognize that along with our ability to create, we also have the ability to destroy. Otherwise, when we connect with the deep longing to love and be loved, or to be happy, it would just happen

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You’ve got to understand yourself as an energy being if you want to manifest your desires.First of all, you’ve got to know what you want, and to be very clear on that. After that comes the challenge of manifesting your desires. It’s easy for most of us to dream about what we want in life. Dreams don’t “cost” you anything, in energy terms. It’s easy to love the idea of The Law of Attraction. It’s easy to “do visualisation” – but so many of our desires never materialise! 

If you’re really serious about

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What is happening in our world? In a  time when we’re (supposedly) becoming more intelligent, and we have vast amounts of knowledge at our fingertips, we cannot seem to live together. Every day we hear more of…. Nuclear Bombs. Fear. Threats. Terror. Death. Pain. Power-mongering Politicians. 

We support religious ideologies - founded on a judgmental fearful God. We support political ideologies - based on SEPARATION - US and THEM.  We buy into the POWER AND CONTROL games we see in the world – and in our own lives too. We see hearts that are closed, including our own. We see minds that are judgemental, aggressive and hardened, including our own. 
And so, the endless cycle of “ US AND THEM” continues.

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It's a bit like holding a TV remote control in your hand. You sit down on the couch, grab the remote control and select the channel you want, and then the program you want to tune into. You press the button and you activate the download through your satellite dish. You're pulling a data stream from a satellite way up there in the atmosphere, and your dish is receiving the signal - and then converting it into images which jump onto the TV screen. It's

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Dear Beloved

I know you are in pain, and yet you continue to journey on your own. I have tried to reach you many times but you have resisted all my attempts to make a connection with you. It saddens me to see you like this, but I must respect the contract I made with you before you left for earth.

You knew that there was darkness there. You knew that you might get lost in it and forget me, but you also knew that I would never abandon you or force you to wake up. You and I agreed that you would have the same consciousness as I have, and the same freedom to choose.

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